Thanks for your interest in scheduling an Independent Medical Examination.

Prepayment for exams is required:  $2000 base fee + $2.00/page medical records fee + ($3.00/page if medical records do not meet sorting guidelines--see below) + $225/hour travel time fee*

*travel time fee: A travel time fee is assessed when cases are referred in remote locations.  This travel time fee allows for the scheduling of cases in areas not commonly served by Dr. Goodman.  

Please email the claimant's identifying information including claim number, date of injury, and number of pages of medical records so that a prepayment invoice may be sent along with the appointment confirmation.
You prepayment is fully refundable if cancellation occurs 3 or more business days in advance.
If there is a no show or late cancellation (<3 business days/72 hours in advance) the no show/late cancellation fee is $1000 plus room rental fee. You prepayment will be refunded less the no show/late cancellation fee.

NOTE:  Examination room rentals will be coordinated by Dr. Goodman, but billed separately by the facility.  Room rental fee is still billed in the event of a no show or late cancellation <3 business days/72 hours in advance.

INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EXAM--$2000 flat rate fee + $2.00-$3.00/page medical records (depending upon organization of records--see #4 below) + clinic rental space fee ($75-125 depending upon clinic location). 

The base IME fee of $2000 remains the same.  This base fee does not include review of any medical records.  

In addition to the base IME fee, medical records fee is $2.00/page (plus a potential additional surcharge as indicated in #4 below).  This fee reflects not only the complexity but also the increasing and at times tremendous volume of medical records which has resulted from the advent of EMR systems.  Medical records fees may be reduced by the following sorting guidelines:

1.  It is not necessary to send insurer-related documents such as:

-authorizations to release medical records to various providers

-attending physician statements (which merely provide incomplete summary of the medical record)

-disability application forms

-correspondence from providers and/or claimants

-hospital based daily progress/nursing notes, which are often hand written and illegible

-labs and imaging unrelated to case at issue

2.  Do send the following:

 -typed office/progress/clinical encounter notes

-procedure notes

-diagnostic imaging reports related to case at issue

3.  Medical notes and reports should be organized BY PROVIDER (or provider group), and within each provider group chronologically.  Do NOT organize notes merely chronologically with all providers lumped together.  For example, all notes from XYZ Chiropractor should be organized together as one group chronologically.  All notes from ABC Physical Therapy should be similarly organized.  A solo provider not affiliated with a particular group should have their records organized chronologically.

4.  Records Surcharge of $3.00/page will be assessed for medical notes and reports that are not organized as specified in #3 above.  

5.  Prepayment of all IME fees is necessary prior to release of the IME report.

6.  Paper medical records are not acceptable.  All records must be sent electronically via email .pdf format or uploaded to online server with download capability.

Please contact Dr. Goodman for any questions regarding medical records policy and fees.

To schedule an IME, please send an email to  Include the claimant's name and location.  

INDEPENDENT MEDICAL FILE REVIEW--$1200 flat rate fee + $2.00-$3.00/page medical records.

FEES FOR NO SHOW/CANCELLATION LESS THAN 10 BUSINESS DAYS (2 weeks) IN ADVANCE OF APPOINTMENT--$1500 minimum charge and full clinic rental fee charge
Note: The above cancellation and no show fees may be waived for extraordinary circumstances such as severe weather, sickness (medical excuse required), etc.  Case settlement will NOT result in a fee waiver.

SUPPLEMENTAL REPORTS--$100 minimum, $1.50/page.

DEPOSITIONS--$3000 half day; $5000 full day - plus expenses (including portal to portal travel time and costs)

A non-refundable retainer is required to confirm scheduling a deposition.

LIVE COURT TESTIMONY--$3000 half day; $5000 full day - plus expenses (including portal to portal travel time and costs)

CONSULTING FEE--$550 per hour

Note: These fees cover a variety of related services such as literature research, extensive conferences, on-site visits and include preparatory research and pre- and post-deposition attorney conferences, etc.

Note:  fees subject to change without notice.


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